Xi'an Yiteng Petrochemical Offers YTD-15 Petroleum Demulsifier

YTD-15 Petroleum Demulsifier

Ⅰ. Introduction: This product is a polyether-based polymers. Study abroad in different types of demulsifiers based on the merits, using a variety of completely different from the conventional polymer as the main ingredient demulsifier for crude oil refinery, crude oil dehydration and desalting and dehydration.

The product is soluble in water, methanol, ethanol and other solvents.

Ⅱ. Physical Index: 




Light   yellow clear liquid

Effective   content ( %)


Freezing   point ()


. Specification

1. As the oil-water emulsions can accelerate the decay of the electric double layer formed film, quickly gathered the dispersed water.

2. The dosage is small, fast dehydration, clear water layer interface.

. Usage:

1. Dosage: 30300ppm; Mixing with the oil, then put it aside, settlement, dehydration. According to the specific test to determine the oil volume and temperature dosage.

2. Temperature: 5080℃.

3. The user must wear the overalls, goggles, avoid spill into the mouth, eyes. Wash the skin and eyes immediate when spilled, avoid hurt. Avoid eating, drinking and fire.

4. The shelf-life is within 2 years.

. Package and transportation

1. Pack with 200L plastic drum.

2. Treat as flammable and explosive when transportation.

3. Store far away from the fir, put in cool and avoid water.

4. Handle with care, avoid damage of packing.