Xi'an Yiteng Petrochemical Offers YTC-01 Corrosion Inhibitor For Atmospheric Pressure Unit

YTC-01 Corrosion Inhibitor for Atmospheric Pressure Unit

. Introduction: This product is based on organic nitrogen compounds in the compound and made of high corrosion inhibitor. The product can effectively inhibit the processing of crude oil distillation tower system, cooling system of HC1 corrosion, greatly enhance the normal operation cycle. The film-forming corrosion inhibitor both in function and can effectively prevent the corrosion of metal corrosion medium, the naphthenic acid, carbon dioxide is also a good corrosion inhibition effect.

Ⅱ. Physical index




Light   yellow liquid



Density   (20) g/cm3



Soluble   with water

Freezing   point  ()


Corrosion   rate


II. Main Function

Speedy in the top of the tower, air cooling and process piping corrosion film formed on the surface.

Function both in and film, no need to hold the ammonia injection system.

Use of simple technology, ease of production operations.

The corrosion rate could reach above 90%.

III. Usage

The normal dosage is 10-50ppm of the tower distillation capacity. Users should be based on the nature of the processing period, moisture content, sulfur content, etc. to adjust dosage.

This inhibitor is highly efficient inhibitor compound, do not use ammonia injection.

IV. Effect of detection method

Unplug the device regularly use iron sewage testing, use of the inhibitor, the water in the iron content is not more than 3mg/l.

V. Package, storage and transportation

Pack with 25L or 200L plastic drum.

The shelf-life is one year, store in cool, wind and dry place.