Fuel Antiknock Additive YT-04 USA EPA Certificate

One of Xi'an Yiteng Petrochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. product “Fuel Antiknock Additive YT-04” received the US EPA certification in June 13 2011.

The advantages of the product are as follows:

(1)Have good antiknock properties to distilled gasoline, catalytic gasoline, blended gasoline, reforming gasoline, and also is satisfied to requirements of gasoline refineries and sale companies for raising octane number.

(2)Free of poison and heavy metal, reduce harmful gas exhaust effectively.

(3)Improve gasoline lubricating property, reduce gas valve wear by unleaded gasoline. (4)Have a certain Energy-saving and detergent function.

(5)Improve gasoline quality, increase quality ratio.

(6)Low-cost addition, increase business efficiency.

This fuel additive manufacture will not represent, directly or indirectly, in any notice, circular, letter, or other written communication, or any written, or pictorial notice or other announcement is any publication or by radio or television, that registration of this fuel additive constitutes endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United States.