YTR-02 Diesel Lubricity Improver

YTR-02 Diesel Lubricity Improver
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The general administration of quality supervision and the standardization commission of China promulgated and implemented the standard gb19147-2016 "vehicle diesel oil", which stipulated the lubricity index of diesel oil and required that the grinding mark diameter should not be larger than 460 microns (60℃).Our company has developed a series of diesel lubricating improvers, which are mainly used for the low sulfur diesel produced by various refineries, and are helpful for the automotive diesel produced by refineries to pass the lubrication performance index in the standard.

Ⅱ.Main Function

Diesel lubricity is the ability of diesel to prevent wear and tear on the diesel injection system.Hydrorefining process can reduce the sulfur content of diesel, but also reduce the lubricity of diesel, because hydrorefining process will greatly reduce the content of polar and aromatic compounds with strong lubrication ability, so that the lubricity of low sulfur fuel greatly reduced.

YTR-02 diesel lubricity improver does not affect other characteristics of diesel, including low temperature, cetane number, storage stability, engine oil compatibility, nozzle scaling and other characteristics, and does not interact with other additives during diesel treatment.

Ⅲ.Physical index



No special equipment is required for operation of the YTR-02 diesel grease improver.Storage and additive equipment can use carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyethylene and teflon.Avoid using natural or artificial rubber.It is suggested that the method of additive is online additive and lubricating improver is added before diesel oil mixing.When used on site, it can be added into the circulating oil path of storage tank.In any case, the temperature of diesel oil should be kept above 10°C where wax deposition occurs for good blending effect. The recommended dosage is 50-280 ppm

Ⅴ.Packaging and Storage

1.Plastic barrel packing with 200Kg net weight

2.Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, valid for one year.

Ⅵ.Safety matters

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes, or wash with plenty of water.

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