YT-04 Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver, Best Gas Fuel Additives

YT-04 Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver, Best Gas Fuel Additives
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YT-04 Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver, Best Gas Fuel Additives

YT-04 Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver

Ⅰ. Introduction:

Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver in dimethyl, diethyl ester and a variety of special additives after certain conditions of physical and chemical reaction, the agent does not contain metal antiknock component. Ester components and special additives can not only additive to increase octane rating, but also can improve gasoline combustion performance. The agent has a large range increase octane number; To a certain extent can improve the motor octane number and antiknock index; Blending gasoline integrated the advantages of low cost, economic benefit is remarkable. At present, Non-metal Fuel Octane Improver has been used in large refinery, and has achieved good effect.

Ⅱ.Technical index:





light yellow-amber or rosy red transparent liquid







Flash point


Freezing point





Manganese, Iron, lead


Without human add any metal

Content of Ather , Ester

(Oxygen Content)






Ⅲ.Features and Usage:

1. Features:

(1).Have good antiknock properties to distilled gasoline, catalytic gasoline, blended gasoline, reforming gasoline, and also is satisfied to requirements of gasoline refineries and sale companies for raising octane number.

(2).Free of poison and heavy metal, reduce harmful gas exhaust effectively.

(3).Improve gasoline lubricating property, reduce gas valve wear by unleaded gasoline.

(4).Have a certain Energy-saving and detergent function.

(5).Improve gasoline quality, increase quality ratio.

(6).Low-cost addition, increase business efficiency.

2. Usage:

(1).Addition: determined the amount according to base oil nature after the test.

(2).Directly add it into gasoline, uniform distribution, the power cycle effect is better when add mass octane.

Ⅳ.Scope of application:

Applied to need raise octane number of gasoline, raise distilled gasoline up to 90#, Catalytic Creaking Gasoline, reforming gasoline + distilled gasoline or 90# gasoline up to 93#,97#,98#.

Ⅴ.Package and Transportation:

1. Packed in 200kg steel drum, ISO TANK or as required.

2. Product maintenance: 1 year since the date of production.

3. Transport as per inflammable chemical specification. Need be sealed, avoiding light, fire prevention, moisture proof.                 

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